Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Santa Monica: Spazio Caffe

A couple Sundays ago, Ivana and I met for breakfast at Spazio Caffe in Santa Monica. This Italian cafe is so new it doesn't have its own website yet, and between the newness and the location on charmingly sleepy Montana Ave, there were plenty of seats available on at 10:00am.  The menu advertises, in addition to the standard espresso options, quite a variety of fancy coffee drinks, all served in elegant glasses or pretty mugs with little chocolate cookies perched on top.  There are also over a dozen flavors of hot chocolate available!

I ordered a cappuccino con panna (with whipped cream), and Ivana had the almond (I think?) hot chocolate:

For breakfast, we both chose plates of scrambled eggs with chives, smoked salmon, fruit, and croissant.  When I asked about the fruit options and explained my allergy to cantaloupe and honeydew, the staff had no problem giving me only strawberries and blueberries.  This breakfast was [relatively] balanced, with a pleasing array of individually solid components.  The scrambled eggs lived up to their menu description of "creamy," and the croissant was of the light and flaky persuasion.

Being a fan of that stretch of Montana Avenue for its quietness and array of cute little shops and restaurants, as well as delicious espresso drinks, hot chocolate, and classic pastries, I'm definitely looking forward to returning.