Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scrumptious Seattle with the PNBC: Bainbridge Island

Today E concludes our Seattle series coverage with this post on our Saturday adventure.

Though the Seattle series has technically wrapped up, I wanted to make sure to get in a pitch for the lovely Bainbridge Island, a little island about a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle.  All of us piled into the car on Saturday, parked on the ferry, and enjoyed the beautiful view of the city in the sunshine.

Picture by Andrew

It was morning so the natural first stop was Blackbird Bakery, a favorite among island visitors (and locals!) for their toast with jam.

Toast for everyone!

I'm not sure which of their simple, hearty breads goes into this perfection, but having had it before I recommended that everyone give it a try.  It's hard to believe that mere toast could be so delicious, but I think Andrew's picture, below, does it justice.  [Ed.: We also tried the plain croissant, the rhubarb tart, and the beach ball cookie.  The cookie won points for cuteness, but the croissant and rhubarb tart were strong contenders in the deliciousness category.]

Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful.

Following a quick hike out at Gazzam Lake park, we decided that obviously it was time to eat again and headed to a little lunch place called Fork and Spoon just around the corner from Blackbird Bakery that offers simple sandwich/soup/salad fare.

Desserts from Blackbird are available at the ordering counter.

They had take-out figured out and put together a nice, multi-containered setup for us, but only those who had ordered a sandwich/salad combo seemed particularly satisfied with their meal.  P ordered a tabbouleh salad which she had intended as an entree but was really very small; I ordered a creamy polenta with roasted root vegetables, which was good but turned out to be 95% polenta.  [Ed.: The hummus sandwich, tuna sandwich, and meatloaf sandwich were also really good.]  When I return I think I'll opt to eat-in rather than take-out and see if that makes a difference.

Meatloaf sandwich with tomato relish, coleslaw, and tabbouleh salad

Despite the inconsistencies, this lunch was a solid way to kick off the rest of the day as we went wine tasting.  We headed north on the island and visited two wineries, most notably at Rolling Bay winery, which had a beautiful tasting room and garden and we whiled away the afternoon at a hefty wood slab table in the sunshine.

The wine was good and the winery provided bread and a Seattle classic, Beecher's cheese.  It was nice to slow down our pace and enjoy our time together - a great end to our adventure.