Monday, July 23, 2012

Scrumptious Seattle: Dahlia Bakery

We left Seattle on Sunday afternoon, but fit in one last culinary excursion that morning.  Dahlia Bakery was just six or seven blocks from hotel, so after leaving our bags with the front desk, we walked up 4th Street until arriving at Dahlia Bakery (one of Tom Douglas' ventures, just next door from Dahlia Lounge and Serious Pie, and across the street from Lola):

Here is the display case of cakes and coconut cream pies:

Here's a close-up of the "famous" coconut cream pies in mini form.  I couldn't turn them down.

There is also a case of breads and cookies:

A mini coconut tart is called a "coco bite."  Mine got packaged in an unnecessarily pretty box, which opened to reveal a glorious little pastry that was both extremely creamy and somehow light-tasting, thanks to a fresh and crumbly crust and the feathery shards of toasted coconut.

I had read about the breakfast sandwiches as must-orders.  They are made with English muffins baked in-house, and come in three varieties: one with tomato, one with ham, and one with bacon.  We ordered the bacon (with arugula and egg) and the ham (with cheddar and egg), and found them wholly satisfying.  Andrew told me later that he had been skeptical - how good can a breakfast sandwich be? - but that these definitely hit the spot.

We finished with an order of the also-famous doughnuts (more like doughnut holes), which come six to an order, freshly fried and covered in cinnamon sugar.  They are served with some thick whipped cream (flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, I think) and some strawberry rhubarb compote, and it is way to easy to get through a bag.

And so, with happily full bellies, we left Seattle, looking forward to our next visit.  (Do stay tuned for one more post this week from the PNBC, about our wining and dining on beautiful Bainbridge Island.)