Monday, March 12, 2012

Westwood: 800 Degrees Pizzeria

I started hearing about 800 Degrees from classmates back in January, with the common description being "It's like Chipotle, but for pizza!"  Quite accurate, actually: this is a Neapolitan-style pizza place where you choose your sauces and toppings and your thin-crust pizza is constructed in front of you, starting with the dough being stretched onto the pizza board and ending with a minute-long stay in the wood-burning oven.  Prices are very reasonable: $6 for a pizza margherita and $1 for each additional topping; on my two visits I've gone with broccolini and/or sausage.  Adding more than one or two toppings would probably destroy the thin crust's already tenuous structural integrity.

Here's the pizza with broccolini and sausage.  Brandon joined me for this first meal after the Lipids Exercise (two weeks of pre-prepared, restricted meals from the Metabolic Kitchen).

A view of [part of] the assembly line:

This is pretty great pizza, and the leftovers (two or three of the six slices, in my case) reheat pretty well.  Not surprisingly, 800 Degrees has become incredibly popular since it opened, with the line stretching out the door and onto the sidewalk during peak lunch and dinner hours.  It's definitely advisable to go very early or very late.