Friday, March 16, 2012

Chicago: Mindy's Hot Chocolate

Two Sundays ago in Chicago, having seen a SeriousEats article on some of the city's best hot chocolates, we decided to check out Mindy's Hot Chocolate.  We arrived in the late afternoon and the restaurant was only serving drinks to go (or to be enjoyed in the lounge area at the front), but that was just fine for us.  We tried the Mexican hot chocolate and the dark hot chocolate, and also ordered some cookies from the display case; the cookies ended up being on the house, which was very nice.  This is indeed some serious hot chocolate that tastes even richer once it starts cooling down.  I wasn't able to finish my cup, even with intermittent sips of water (which our server brought, along with an admonition that we would need it).

Dark hot chocolate

Bacon chocolate chip cookie (crisp and rich), lemon brown butter shortbread (tender and rich), chocolate cupcake (fluffy and rich, with a light buttercream frosting), and a perfect housemade vanilla marshmallow (which comes with every cup of hot chocolate):