Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicago: Metropolis Coffee, via a wormhole and a dollop

Last Chicago post!   The title makes sense, I promise.  Right after our visit to Hot Chocolate, we walked a couple blocks to Wormhole Coffee, which turned out to be one of the most unique coffee shops we'd seen (their website is also rather quirky).  This place is some kind of homage to video game culture, as the drinks menus indicate.  There is also a Delorean parked/mounted at the upper rear of the shop.  Plenty of people were crowded around the counter, and every available seat was taken, but as two people left, we managed to snag space on one of the couches.

At left is the honey latte (lightly sweet), and at right is a cappuccino, which comes with a Nilla wafer.  The coffee at Wormhole is actually from Metropolis, a rather acclaimed Chicago coffee shop/roaster.

Metropolis also supplies Dollop Coffee, just a few steps from Andrew's friend Kristen's apartment, and where we got a late breakfast before heading to Midway Airport.  In addition to coffee, Dollop also serves some tasty baked goods, such as various pies (which we did not try) and coffee cake (which we did try, along with some cliche but pleasant Naked Juice).  There is plenty of seating and workspace, including a quiet, library-like room toward the back of the shop.  Below is a cortado - espresso with steamed milk - that made Andrew very happy, plus the juice and coffee cake:

Take-home message: Metropolis coffee is pretty great, and is available at a variety of Chicago establishments with diverse atmospheres.  Maybe on our next trip we'll actually stop by the Metropolis cafe itself....