Monday, February 20, 2012

Shanghai: Nanxiang xiao long bao

The zigzag bridge in Yu Yuan, with the lotus pool decorated for the holidays

Last year, I posted my "guide to eating Nanxiang xiao long bao" (soup dumplings) in Shanghai's Cheng Huang Miao (Old City), and I'm happy to report that not much has changed.  The one difference I did notice was that the book-like menus with prix fixe options are no more, having been replaced with a simple paper listing of the classic dumplings and other dim sum-like items.  No matter, because those dumplings are every bit as fantastic.

The table at which my family and I have sat for two visits in a row, one year apart:

Flaky pastry dumplings with black and white sesame:

Curry pockets in the back, and shao mai in the front:

Egg soup:

Soup dumplings!

Inside one of the shrimp dumplings:

To finish with an ironic juxtaposition of old and new, this was a strange sight inside Cheng Huang Miao.  Why, oh why?!