Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hollywood: Pizzeria Mozza (round two)

Staycation #2 in LA proceeded in fine fashion.  Last Thursday I introduced Andrew to Pizzeria Mozza, and they got along quite well.  On Beth's recommendation (after my first visit last month), we ordered the chicken liver bruschetta.  It was tasty: more pate or rillette-like, not particularly strong on the liver flavor, a little zesty because of the capers, and definitely of the richest things I've eaten in recent memory.

Tricolore salad (arugula, frisee, and endive) with a Parmesan anchovy dressing.  The salads here are very large; if two people wanted to have a not-too-heavy lunch without leftovers, then sharing one salad and one pizza would be perfect.

Pizza with salami, bacon, pancetta, and sausage, i.e. the "meat-lover's pizza," with tomato sauce:

Pizza with funghi misti (lots of mushrooms), fontina, Taleggio, and thyme.  Because of the profusion of mushrooms and the particular cheese profile, this was very earthy (in a good way).

To finish, espresso granita with chocolate-covered honeycomb.  Andrew is a big fan of coffee and espresso, and I thought the granita/gelato combination would be a much better ending than the overly rich butterscotch budino.  As it turned out, the chocolate-covered honeycomb may have been his favorite component of this dessert.

Afterward, it was off to Beverly Center (that bastion of Southern California commercialism) for some jeans shopping.  We had half of each pizza left over, which - when paired with some sauteed string beans - made for a pretty good dinner.