Sunday, December 18, 2011

French silk tart

Block 2 is now over, and as such, since last Wednesday afternoon I have been on my very last winter break that is truly a break (next year, break is shorter and Boards will be on the horizon, and after that, either clerkships, lab work, residency, fellowship, or the post-training "real world" will rule my life and schedule).

Anyhow, this block's post-exam baking project was a French silk tart.  For the crust I used David Lebovitz's French tart dough recipe, which I first used for a chocolate pecan tart last Thanksgiving.  For the filling, this recipe, with all ingredients scaled to about 2/3 of stated, but with 4 oz of 72% dark chocolate.

These pictures aren't particularly good, but at least Helga, Andrew (who successfully braved the 405 and Wilshire exit at rush hour for his first drive to LA) and I all approved of the actual tart.