Monday, November 14, 2011

Westwood: Angelino's Cafe

I've blogged about Angelino's at least once before, but went there again two Saturday nights ago with Sophie.  We figured it would be a good place to carbo-load before running our first 5K the next day, and indeed it was a very satisfying meal, especially on a relatively chilly night.  As always, Archie and the other chef (whose name I do not know) took good care of us.

Spaghetti with sausage:

Spaghetti with pesto and shrimp:

Tiramisu (more cake than mascarpone, with lots of cocoa powder on top):

A very generous portion for something like $3!

Upcoming posts: Father's Office in Santa Monica, Bushido Izakaya in Mountain View, and yet another brunch at University Cafe in Palo Alto.