Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tomato-mushroom lasagna dinner

Thanksgiving break is now over, so that means there are 2.5 weeks left in this block (and two weeks until exams....yikes!).  But I did manage to host a small dinner party for myself, Helga, David and Karthik on the Friday evening before Thanksgiving.

Tomato-mushroom lasagna, with goat cheese, ricotta, and basil, i.e. this favorite recipe from Food & Wine.  Instead of plum tomatoes, I used cherry tomatoes.  Instead of wild mushrooms I used a mixture of regular white button mushrooms and crimini mushrooms, and I also omitted the leeks.  Finally, I replaced half of the white sauce with canned, crushed tomatoes, a change which significantly cut down on fat and - I think - enhanced flavor.

Broccoli with chicken-apple sausage (for flavor).  Very simple, but it's always good to have some fresh vegetables.

Dessert was ready-made and, fortunately, excellent: Talenti's coconut gelato, Trader Joe's chocolate macarons.  Our beverage, courtesy of David, was a bottle of Yellowtail shiraz.