Friday, November 18, 2011

Palo Alto: University Cafe (again)

Sunday midday before a trip to SFO or SJC means one thing: brunch at University Cafe.  During the spring and summer, Andrew was the one with the suitcase in the car trunk, but now it's my turn. 

The brunch menu is pretty familiar at this point, and we know that French toast is awesome here.  So one would think that a French toast sandwich (the "Monte Cristo"), wherein brioche French toast is layered with eggs and bacon, would also be awesome.  Yet there wasn't a ton of synergy on this plate, so maybe the French toast would be better off on its own, after all....and with croissant instead of brioche (wow, typing that actually made me aware of my food elitism).

I'm also a fan of the tomato soup and sandwiches here, especially the BLT and the crab club.  Here is the latter:

Of course, we got the mocha smoothie, plus a mug of chai tea (which was nicely spiced but only lightly sweet!).  Then, all too soon, it was time to head to the airport and return to my med student life.  But as usual, I'll be back ;-).