Saturday, November 5, 2011

Palo Alto: Mayfield Cafe

It turns out, in a happy twist of scheduling fate, that I'm heading up north with relative frequency and regularity this fall/winter.  Two Fridays ago, I drove to Palo Alto for what turned out to be a really nice weekend getaway.  Arriving at Stanford felt reassuringly like a homecoming, especially with the big hug that soon followed, and only more so after falafel, moussaka, and sweet black tea at Cafe220 (hello again, Hassan and Yusef!).

Saturday brunch was at Mayfield Cafe, where for the first time I bypassed bar seating; instead, we got a comfortable four-top.  Freshly baked madeleines to start.  We'd already had coffee, so EANCBs (equally attractive non-caffeinated beverages) were in order.

Hot chocolate with a housemade marshmallow:

Elderflower soda:

Hot apple fritters:

Flatbread with broccoli rabe, cheddar sauce, egg and pine nuts:

Then, groceries, a UPS drop-off, and a laid-back afternoon of studying and work.