Monday, November 7, 2011

Mountain View: Xanh

Two Saturdays ago: date night at Xanh on Castro Street.  I'd been to Xanh once before, several years ago, and had almost forgotten that it's quite a good restaurant.  The decor hasn't changed, so it's still coolly sultry: relatively high ceilings, minimalistic furniture, and lots of blue and green light installations.  We were seated at a spacious four-top, and then the menu perusal began.

Lychee martini: not too sweet, and very smooth.

"Pho you, pho me," i.e. pho gone fancy with a silly name.  The broth was nicely aromatic, if a bit salty.

Bun thit nuong with grilled pork: clean-tasting, with the noodles and vegetable accents a great contrast to the flavorful meat.

Also, catfish in a clay pot and coconut rice (not shown) were both tasty, but got overshadowed by the noodle dishes.


I'm flying back up north this Thursday evening for Veteran's Day weekend, which also happens to be Andrew's birthday weekend.  A dinner excursion to SF seems likely, so stay tuned.