Monday, October 10, 2011

Westwood: Iso Fusion Cafe

The Friday before block exams, Karthik and I grabbed dinner at Iso Fusion Cafe on Gayley Ave.  We had been planning to go to San Sai, but noticed Iso as we passed it and decided to be spontaneous.  Verdict on Iso: decent but unremarkable.  Iso has a more interesting menu and less fast food-ish atmosphere than San Sai, but if a quick, inexpensive meal is the goal, then I'd probably just go to San Sai since the food is just as good and the prices are lower (around $8-9 instead of $10-11, if I recall correctly).

Chicken katsu bento, with rice, salad, three pieces of California roll, and some orange:

Beef teriyaki bento: