Monday, October 3, 2011

Vegetable parmesan (with chicken)

Block exams have begun and I am strangely calm, mostly because actually working on and taking exams feels more satisfying than studying for them.  I'm also looking forward to post-exam baking - red wine chocolate cake, here I come!  But in the meantime, I may as well share my first experience making vegetable parmesan, following Giada's recipe.

I used the bell peppers and remaining eggplants from the Market co-op, and also added a layer of Trader Joe's cooked chicken breast pieces from (a most excellent product).  The recipe calls for 26 oz of marinara sauce and I only had an 18 oz jar, which made a noticeable but not too detrimental difference in the product's sauciness.  I filled my Pyrex loaf dish and two ramekins, and the result was attractively browned and bubbly:

I ate the Pyrex parmesan over the course of a week and froze the two ramekins.  Here was one of my meals, with some butternut squash ravioli (from Trader Joe's, and sadly the first fresh pasta from TJ's which I did not enjoy; I understand that butternut squash ravioli are on the sweet side, but these were too sweet).

Another parmesan meal, with green beans and bread:

It was an easy and satisfying recipe, one I'd happily make again.