Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tel Aviv: Lehamim Bakery

Middle East Bureau Chief Andrew returned to the States two Fridays ago.  Despite the clear drop-off in his "Notes from Rehovot" guest post series, I think he still deserves some sort of Awesome Correspondent Award.  Here's why:

Behold, pastries from Tel Aviv's Lehamim Bakery, which had been on my radar (and consequently Andrew's) ever since this NYTimes article from before he went to Israel.  The same bakery is apparently also the subject of an epic Youtube video with a Gainsbourg soundtrack.

Very, very sweet.  And the pastries were really good, too :-).

I'm a little over halfway done with exams.  Tomorrow evening through Sunday will be block break and a much-anticipated "stay-cation," including some fabulous meals - it is, after all, dineLA - with a most excellent dining companion.  Posting will return next week.