Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekday dinner: Eggplant pseudo-omelet and green beans

For last week's Farmer's Market co-op, I requested eggplant and received quite a bounty, along with green beans, more peaches and nectarines, bell peppers, and a sourdough boule.  On Thursday night, I remembered that my mom used to cook eggplant with ground pork in a certain way that I liked, so I called home and received instructions. 

I sliced enough eggplant to fit in one layer of my biggest saute pan, with some olive oil.  On top of the eggplant, I smushed a thin layer of ground beef (didn't have ground pork) that had been seasoned with soy sauce, minced garlic, ginger, a little salt and sugar; and then beat an egg and drizzled it over everything.  The egg, as it cooked, held the eggplant and beef together.  After a while I flipped the pseudo-omelet over (in sections) to fully cook the meat, sauteed some green beans, toasted some bread, and that was dinner.