Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beverly Hills: Harajuku Crepe

On Labor Day morning we didn't have PBL, so instead, Hua, Karthik and I headed to Harajuku Crepe, which we'd been meaning to try for almost a month.  We arrived right after opening time, after a quick visit to Crate & Barrel, and between the three of us tried four crepes. 

For sweet crepes Harajuku offers several batter options, including green tea and Earl Grey, fruits, homemade whipped cream (which unfortunately wasn't ready yet when we were there), assorted sauces, ice creams and mochi ice creams.  There are also savory crepes which revolve around egg/ham/cheese or various salads.

Savory crepe with ham, egg and cheese:

Savory crepe with egg, cheese and tomato (blurry picture, sorry):

Earl Grey crepe with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and Nutella:

Earl Grey crepe with black sesame ice cream, strawberries, and azuki beans:

Harajuku Crepe also offers Intelligentsia coffee brewed by the cup, and it's excellent.  The combination of great crepes and great coffee (plus free parking), reasonably priced and relatively close to Westwood, is a wonderful find!