Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Westwood: Flame Persian Cuisine

Family dinner post-White Coat Ceremony was at Flame Persian Cuisine on Westwood Blvd.  I've been a fan of Persian/Iranian food ever since Paras introduced it to me via Shalizaar in Belmont, and my parents and grandparents enjoy it as well.  We were lucky to find a street parking spot just one block away, and then settled into the comfortable dining room (with two TVs showing Iranian music videos, and the bread oven in the corner).

To start: two baskets of freshly baked lavash along with a plate of panir sabzi (mostly mint, but also something bitter-ish and some green onion, fresh cheese, radishes and walnuts).

Our kebabs were koobideh (ground beef) and Cornish hen, served with charbroiled tomatoes:

We swapped in zereshk polo (Basmati rice with barberries and saffron) for plain Basmati rice:

Fesenjun (chicken stewed in a pomegranate-walnut sauce):

Ghemeh bademjan (eggplant in a lentil/onion/lime sauce):

Finally, we shared three desserts, the first of which was faloodeh, a shaved-ice like dessert of rosewater and vermicelli noodles:

Coconut-mango ice cream:

Saffron-pistachio ice cream:

A great meal!  Also, Flame Persian Cuisine happens the only Westwood restaurant that is on Jonathan Gold's list of 99 Essential [LA] Restaurants.  One down, 98 to go...just kidding....