Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Westwood: Acapulco

Last Monday night, I walked from lab directly to an M1-M2 bonding dinner at Acapulco, which is apparently popular for its 2-for-1 Margarita Monday special.  I stuck with just one margarita: pineapple coconut, which turned out to be extremely sweet.  As for the food, it was better than I expected (given my preconceived notions about a margarita-centric establishment).  Chips, salsa, and guacamole to start, about which I rarely have complaints:

I ordered the quesadilla de camarones (shrimp), which arrived in pieces and seemed to be pan-fried.  To accompany, rice, some sauteed vegetables, and a little dollop of guacamole.  There was also some unexpected spice in the quesadilla, and the shrimp were pretty good (not mushy).

Continuing with the shrimp motif, Hua ordered and liked the enchilada de camarones.  I tried a bite and shared her positive verdict.

To my right, ZeNan ordered the steak fajitas, which are served on a fun warmer:

For dessert, Martin, Jesse and Sophie shared the fried ice cream, which comes in an enormous margarita glass and is surrounded by fried tortillas dusted in cinnamon sugar.

ZeNan and I decided to order the flan.  Satisfyingly smooth and - like the margaritas - very sweet, but after all, flan is caramel custard (and who ever heard of not-sweet caramel)?

Plenty of entertaining and enlightening conversation to go with all the food and the sugar highs, and just like that, three hours went by.