Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekday dinner: stomach recovery edition

Sometime between the weekend before last and last Tuesday, I developed a near-constant stomachache that was just low-grade enough for the foodie in me to persevere.  In context, though, the trip to Canter's Deli may have been slightly unwise, and Wednesday found me with very little appetite.   Sustenance being important regardless of appetite (or lack of), I composed a dinner that was not exactly bland as is typically recommended for upset stomachs, but was somewhat attractive and quite nutritious.

Eggplant sauteed with shallots, tomato roasted with garlic, plain toast, an egg over medium, fresh mango with almonds, and herbal tea.  I don't know whether this dinner helped or not, but I don't think it hurt, since I was almost back to 100% the next day.