Thursday, July 28, 2011

Strawberry ricotta scones

SmittenKitchen's post on whole wheat raspberry scones got me to make scones last Thursday night, and now I feel like I should make scones for breakfast more often.  I followed SmittenKitchen's general proportions but replaced the raspberries with 1.5 cups of diced strawberries, and I used all white flour instead of half white / half wheat just because I didn't feel like lugging wheat flour from the supermarket in addition to other groceries.  The dough is indeed quite sticky and loose, but with some cajoling was shaped, sliced into wedges, and frozen on a baking sheet.

On Friday morning, I brought the scones to Coffee Club at Sophie's apartment, where we baked them and then consumed them alongside homemade chai tea prepared by our hostess.  Crumbly, fruity scones and spicy, milky tea: that is a great start to the day.

En route to Sophie's

Post-baking, pre-consumption