Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Palo Alto: University Cafe, x2

It seems that even the charms of Lool and Cafe Ma can't compare to Palo Alto cuisine or, more specifically, to a well-executed brunch, because my Middle East Bureau Chief is so taken with University Cafe that we ended up going twice in one week.  Given my own fondness for this restaurant, I had no objections.  At this point we've now tried the Bananas Foster brioche French toast with bacon, the vegetable frittata, the baked croissant French toast (which we tried for the first time back in March, and which is notable for the generous amount of vanilla custard), the vegetable frittata, and the club sandwich with tomato soup.

Bananas Foster French toast with bacon

Vegetable frittata with home fries and toast

Club sandwich with tomato soup

The frittata was the least memorable, which is simply an issue of comparison; the egg dishes here are perfectly well-prepared, but just aren't as good as the French toast and sandwiches.   And of course, that mocha smoothie is still awesome :-).