Wednesday, July 13, 2011

[Key] lime coconut cake

It's hard to match the magic of a great chocolate chip cookie, but for weeks I had planned to bake a cake for my lab's beach party, and for over two years I've wanted to try SmittenKitchen's key lime coconut cake.  (Seriously, why does it take me so long to try recipes after I read them??)  Anyway, I didn't see key limes in my neighborhood supermarkets, so I picked up regular limes and made the cake last Tuesday evening right after achieving cookie nirvana.  (It was a pretty awesome night.)

I doubled the cake recipe, slightly reducing the sugar as usual, and also substituted coconut milk for the whole milk; I generally do this for any coconut cake recipe that doesn't already call for coconut milk, since not surprisingly, the substitution helps amplify the coconut flavor.  I put on the icing and coconut topping on Wednesday morning, and then drove myself and the cake to Manhattan Beach in the early afternoon.

Half of the cake was consumed at the beach, and the remainder was consumed in lab on Thursday, with positive feedback.  Unfortunately I don't have documentation of the cake actually at the beach, but here's a picture of the lab's very spirited beach volleyball game, after which the cake was cut: