Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carmageddon Commemoration part 1: Sunnin Lebanese

This past Saturday, my classmates and I had planned to have a BBQ but were foiled by nonfunctional grills.  So instead, we all walked down Westwood Blvd to Sunnin Lebanese, where I first ate back in April during revisit weekend and know to be a great (and reasonable) choice.  Based on my phone calls to Sunnin, they favor same-day reservations, and they readily gave our group of nine a 6:30pm table.

Sunnin serves Turkish coffee (in little pink-flowered cups), of which Jesse and Jon partook and approved.  We all started off by sharing two orders of the rekakat, which is phyllo dough filled with feta, onions and parsley.  Essentially Mediterranean spring rolls, and certainly tasty.

About half the table went for the ouzi (rice with ground beef and pine nuts, seasoned with allspice and topped with either lamb or chicken), which comes with a little dish of yogurt.  Honey is available on request in case, like Hua and Jon, you prefer your yogurt as a dessert.  The ouzi is rich, satisfying, and comes in a large portion that easily provides two meals.  The lamb or chicken on top is unseasoned, so make sure to eat it in conjunction with the flavorful rice.

Other entrees at the table included the chicken shawerma, falafel (in both plate and sandwich form), and chicken kabob.  All were good, with the one fault being a somewhat leaky/soggy pita in the falafel sandwich.

Chicken shawerma
Falafel plate

Baskets of pita were also placed on the table but seemed unnecessary, so we ended up bringing most of it home along with our leftovers.  I disagree with Yelp's "not good for groups" designation; our servers were very friendly and accommodating, despite being visibly rushed.