Monday, June 6, 2011

Westwood: Mr. Noodle

Last Tuesday evening, after a long day of driving, a blitz-like scavenger hunt through the IKEA Burbank warehouse, and an hour or two of box unloading at my new building, my parents and I walked to Mr. Noodle on nearby Broxton Ave.  Mr. Noodle's interior is reasonably comfortable in a clean-cut way (I think the high ceiling really helps), with a funny spiral staircase going up to some sort of loft.  After perusing the surprisingly extensive menu, which is pan-Asian with an emphasis on Thai, we ordered thusly: Pad Thai with chicken for my mom, Thai boat noodle for my dad, green curry chicken with brown rice for me, and milk green tea with tapioca for all three of us.  Water was brought after the milk teas, along with a little paper tray of crispy noodles.  The milk teas weren't overly sweet, but were also more slushy-like with lots of ice shards.

Milk green tea with tapioca

The Pad Thai was on the sweet side, but otherwise satisfying, and my dad similarly enjoyed the noodle soup (beef-based, and I think quite pho-like even though the menu advertises pho separately).  I would have liked some more vegetables in the green curry beyond the pieces of eggplant and red bell pepper, but there was certainly a generous amount of chicken, and the curry's spiciness was pretty bracing.

Pad Thai

Thai boat noodle

Green curry chicken

Based on all I've heard and read, Westwood has few restaurants that could really be considered excellent, but I think Mr. Noodle is among the wide array of perfectly decent and very student-budget-friendly places to grab a bite (and/or satisfy a noodle craving).