Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Westwood: Komodo truck

After leaving a lab safety course on Friday morning, I walked in what I thought was the direction of the student union.  Instead, I ended up walking right into the plaza area where every day, two of LA's famed food trucks cater to hungry students.  Between the Border Grill truck and the Komodo truck I had heard of the latter, and so I decided to give it a try.

Komodo's "entree" options can be served in taco or burrito form; I ordered an Asian marinated chicken taco and a so-called Java taco, which has an Indonesian pork curry.  The chicken taco (on the right side) was a pretty straightforward teriyaki preparation, but the pork taco actually impressed me with its rich Rendang curry flavor.

This being my first LA food truck experience, it was a fun novelty.  That said, I didn't realize how small these tacos are - they are each palm-sized -, and while two (plus an apple I had brought) were enough as a light lunch, I'm not sure they would be worth paying $6 for on a regular basis.