Monday, June 13, 2011

Westwood: Barney's Beanery (x2)

My summer rotation lab bid farewell to one of its members with a group lunch at Barney's Beanery on Thursday.  The Beanery, as it's called, seems to be distinctive for its crazy profusion of flat-screen TVs.  I really should have taken a picture of the interior.  Flat-screens are essentially used as additional and ever-changing wallpaper on top of the heavily collaged walls and glass-topped bar and tables.

The menu is dauntingly long; it's kind of like the Cheesecake Factory's menu, except on newsprint instead of bound laminate.  Like several other lab members, I ordered the barbecue chicken sandwich, which is a piece of broiled chicken breast with barbeque sauce and a fat onion ring, served on a bun and with two kinds of fries (seasoned and sweet potato, but you can also get just one or the other, or choose another side).  Straight down the middle and tasty, since it's definitely not the kind of thing I cook or otherwise eat with much frequency.

That same evening, I met up with some of my fellow M1s, plus some M2s (first-years and second-years, respectively) at BrewCo, but since that bar doesn't serve pitchers, we soon decided to move to the Beanery.  Not surprisingly, the place becomes incredibly loud at night.  It turns out that the Beanery doesn't serve pitchers, either, but we stayed anyway.  I had a glass of pear cider, which is cheerily fizzy and innocuously fruity in a wow-this-could-totally-pass-for-carbonated-juice kind of way.  After about an hour of introductions and chatter, I started getting sleepy and made the short walk home.