Monday, June 20, 2011

Tidbits from the past few weeks

1. I'm not sure whether I'm more amused or disapproving of this establishment, which I passed on my way to Jack n' Jills during my first Saturday in LA:

2. My second cousin Mia and her family kindly invited me over for dinner last weekend, and it was awesome.  I brought the same reliable apple tart that I also made for that BBQ back in March.

3. The Westwood Whole Foods is not as good (nor as large) as the Palo Alto Whole Foods.  One reason for this judgment: in Palo Alto the curry chicken salad is made with cubes of chicken breast, whereas in Westwood the same dish uses pieces of miscellaneous red meat, including some random bits of gristle, and is also overdressed.

4. Doughnuts from Stan's Doughnuts, where I treated myself after performing my first somewhat-successful cranial window surgery in lab.  These doughnut holes (three for $1) were good in that doughnuts are generally good, but they weren't revelatory and might even have been a little stale.  A week later I bought a chocolate cake doughnut relatively early in the morning, and it was great; not surprisingly, freshness (i.e. time of purchase) makes a huge difference.