Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Getting to know my new kitchen

This past Wednesday I officially moved into my new apartment.  Mostly thanks to my mom's unpacking skills, all five boxes' worth of kitchen items which I insisted on bringing were soon sitting in cabinets and drawers (with the exception of my cookbooks and wine glasses, which are on a bookshelf in my bedroom).  Pictured below is the new-to-me kitchen.  Compared with my previous kitchen in Palo Alto, this kitchen is slightly smaller and has a 3/4-size fridge and stove/oven instead of full-size versions, but there is still adequate counter space and even a double sink.

The first thing I cooked here, on Thursday evening, was pan-seared tilapia with a simple balsamic reduction; I also steamed some broccoli and toasted some Whole Foods ciabatta.

On Sunday evening, I sauteed some chicken breast (from the Puritan Poultry stand at the permanent Farmer's Market) and served it with green beans, whole wheat pasta, and mushroom marinara.