Friday, June 10, 2011

Beverly Hills: Jack n' Jills

Well before I moved here, E (a.k.a. the PNBC) had given me a recommendation for the pancakes at Jack n' Jill's.  Last Saturday morning found me ready for my first expedition into LA, with a desire for both pancakes and some new glassware, so around 8:15am Annabelle (my car) and I headed to Beverly Hills.  Jack n' Jill's opens at 8:00am but was still very quiet when I arrived, with the only other customers being a family of four.  The restaurant's interior is quite charming, with a quaint arrangement of antique-looking plates, cutting boards, and frames on one wall.

After settling into my booth with a pleasantly hot and foamy latte, served with a little Russian tea cake, I glanced at the menu and ordered the famed "Savannah Strawberry Oatmeal Cakes."  They took around 20 minutes to arrive, with the couple that sat down and ordered after me being served their egg entree first; the server told me that the pancakes take a little longer to prepare.

As far as pancakes go, these are indeed very good.  They lack lacy edges, but the menu's descriptor of "fluffy" is completely true, and the presence of oatmeal in the batter makes the texture more interesting than ordinary buttermilk pancakes.  That said, there weren't many strawberries on top, and the pancakes struck me as being kind of one-dimensional (easily rectified with some light dabs of butter and a drizzle of syrup).  Since my favorite breakfasts include a balance of sweet and savory preparations, I'd be happy to return to Jack n' Jill's and order these pancakes again, but as a complement to one of the egg dishes.