Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tidbits from the past few weeks

1. Cookies and tea at University Cafe, where I camped out to read papers after my apartment internet decided to throw a temper tantrum.  Hazelnut Russian tea cookie: excellent.  Chocolate chip cookie: beyond excellent and also enormous.  Perfect for slowly nibbling away at over the Journal of Neuroscience (and, as it turns out, a nice phone call with a friend, too!).

2. A shockingly abysmal "Parisienne crepe" at Douce France.  I like their pastries very much, so I'm really hoping this crepe, with its poorly distributed and barely melted cheese and flavorless tomato, was just a fluke.  Beware!  Stick with the pastries.

3. The "Agricola" panini from the CoHo: portobello mushroom, some greens (spinach?), and lots of garlic.  This sandwich hasn't changed in two years; I definitely remember eating it before or even during a few studio classes.  It's also very large and best shared, which I remind myself every time I order it and remember just how much butter and/or mayonnaise are involved.

4. A really good stir-fry for a weekday dinner at home: sugar snap peas, sliced mushrooms (both white and crimini), and ground turkey, seasoned with soy sauce and a little ginger powder, slightly thickened with cornstarch.

5. Mango and chocolate frozen yogurt from Fraiche.  No matter how good Diddy Riese's in Westwood may be, there's just no substitute for a cup of fro-yo eaten between rehearsals on a sunny afternoon while sitting on the bench outside Braun Music Center.