Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mountain View: Fu Lam Mum

Fu Lam Mum, situated at the Alma end of Castro Street, is one of the area's go-to Chinese restaurants for my parents and me.  The restaurant is large, relatively refined, and serves an expansive, well-executed menu to match, and we've never had a bad experience there.  Our most recent Fu Lam Mum dinner took place on Friday night, with one of my father's old family friends and his now-profro son.  (Welcome to Stanford, Jed!!) 

We started with some soup, the details of which I somehow don't recall, though I know it was perfectly fine.  As for the main dishes, here is [part of] the Peking-style roast duck, served without buns or thin pancakes.

Honey walnut prawns, which are totally inauthentic but incontrovertibly delicious when prepared well (i.e. sauced lightly), as they are here:

Salt-and-pepper crab.  Salt-and-pepper shrimp is much more common and arguably easier to de-shell, but the crab version is a fun alternative (and at least the kitchen pre-cracked each piece).

Flounder.  Hooray for whole fish!

Steamed tofu with seafood, probably one of my family's favorite Cantonese dishes.  The tofu has to be very fresh, so it's practically custard-like under the seafood mixture.

There was also steamed rice, as well as a dish of simply cooked vegetables which I neglected to photograph, so you'll have to take my word that some much-needed chlorophyll was indeed present.  The meal, enjoyed along with plenty of enthusiastic conversation about how awesome Stanford is (not that Jed needed much more convincing), ended with the standard bowl of sweet red bean soup.