Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cafe220 and Mayfield to the rescue

I strongly dislike - "hate" seems too severe a word - the process of packing up a residence.  Whether it's my childhood home, a dorm room, or my first post-college apartment, moving is stressful, messy, dusty, and feels stochastic even though it is a relatively controlled process (and, unfortunately, a necessary one).  Here is what gradually surrounded me between Thursday and Saturday:

Ew.  Fortunately, I could escape my apartment for both quality, dust-and-boxes-free sleep and quality, dust-and-boxes-free food.  As far as the latter goes, on Friday night Hassan and Yusef at Cafe220 took good care of me with this plate of moussaka, rice, pita, and salad (followed by the usual glass of tea):

And on Saturday morning, I returned to the bar at Mayfield Cafe, where [complimentary] madeleines were immediately placed in front of me, soon followed by the latte I ordered:

The bartender recommended the flatbread of fingerling potato, arugula, baked egg and creme fraiche, and it was indeed excellent: an elastic crust, clean flavors, and a perfectly cooked egg.

Now that is what I call a coping strategy.