Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Palo Alto: Douce France

After returning to Palo Alto from a doctor's appointment last Monday afternoon, I decided to grab an early dinner at Douce France in Town & Country.  After perusing the extensive pastry and lunch options, I decided on a quiche and a dessert.  The quiche options are spinach, mushroom, and ham, and I chose the first; it was warmed in an oven before being brought over to my little cafe table.  I thought the balance of egg, spinach and cheese was pretty good, since quiches are rich enough (due to the flaky crust) that a ton of cheese is overkill.

For dessert, I went with the lemon tart (yes, the meal's color scheme was yellow), which was an excellent recommendation on the same server's part.  This was definitely one of the most intensely lemony desserts I've ever had, definitely on the tangy side.  The chocolate squiggle was a nice garnish but really quite unnecessary.  This tart is a must-order if you are a fan of fruit flavors.

Finally, I picked up an almond croissant to eat later in the evening.  This croissant is even smaller than its relative at Mayfield Bakery, and even better.  Douce France's preparation looks more like La Boulange's almond croissant, but has a delicate internal texture that Mayfield's preparation is based upon.  In short, it was probably the best almond croissant I've had in Palo Alto.

All three items came to under $10, and the ambience (mellow but unobtrusive music, lots of little tables and varied seating options) is quite pleasant as well.  Mayfield Bakery, you've got competition!