Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Palo Alto: Late night at the Creamery

After seeing 'Your Highness" yesterday evening in Redwood City, Elyse, Christina and I journeyed back down El Camino to the Palo Alto Creamery.  They close at 10pm, and we got there just in time to order brioche French toast, hash browns, a grilled cheese sandwich, an ice cream sundae, and because we deemed all that insufficient, a piece of blueberry pie.  Given how over-the-top the movie was (to put it diplomatically), such a parade of comfort food was absolutely necessary.

The sundae was first to arrive: cookies-and-cream on the bottom, hot fudge and peppermint in the middle, and a cheery hat of whipped cream, nuts, and overly preserved cherry.  As silly as it sounds, I swear the old-fashioned sundae glass and long-handled ice cream spoons make this already-satisfying confection even better.

The French toast, grilled cheese and hash browns arrived soon after and were all quite good, especially considering that the kitchen was probably annoyed by our closing-time order.  The toast is served with real maple syrup, a nice touch.  With the grilled cheese came a token green salad, the few-and-proud vegetables present on our table:

And, finally, some more dessert to end the meal.  This blueberry pie had a surprisingly thick crust, but the filling was enjoyably sweet-tart and reminded me of the mixed berry pie that Ricker used to serve on some Sunday evenings (to near-universal positive response).  Yes, I just waxed slightly nostalgic for Ricker.