Monday, April 18, 2011

LA: Jerry's Famous Deli

On Thursday, I met fellow former FroSoCoan Trevor for dinner.  Trevor is also quite a foodie, and the two options he had in mind for dinner in Westwood were Angelino's and Jerry's Famous Deli.  Since I had eaten at Angelino's during my interview visit, and also since Passover is coming up, we decided to go to Jerry's.  (Note: Neither one of us is Jewish, and we were both quite aware that going to a Jewish deli is far from, say, participating in an actual seder.  Speaking of seders, I think my Middle East Bureau Chief actually just attended one a couple of hours ago.)

Anyway, back to Jerry's.  We felt some moral imperative to order the Reuben, and since I was feeling both amenable to corned beef and also intimidated by the very extensive menu, two Reubens it was.  I had the "LA size," which has 4-oz of corned beef, while Trevor went with the "NY size" of 7-oz.  Yes, the menu actually labels the options in that manner.

The sandwiches come on toasted rye with a side of dressing that reminded me strongly of In-n-Out's Thousand Island-based dressing, a side of coleslaw, and your choice of regular fries, sweet potato fries, steak fries, or onion rings.  This sandwich was a drippy one because the corned beef was satisfyingly juicy way, and the dressing enhanced it by adding a tangy note.  By the time I got to the second half of the sandwich, the bottom piece of bread was nearly soaked through with meat juices, but it was still good.

Many thanks to Trevor for not just a foodie win, but more importantly for much generous insight into DGSOM!  Here's hoping for future culinary excursions and perhaps even joint dinner parties.