Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Davis: Afternoon tea at Tea List

On Saturday afternoon, my mom and I decided to go for afternoon tea at Tea List, a charming tea room/shop that I had happened upon back in December.  We chose one of the shady tables outside and were presented with a reasonably extensive tea menu.  My mom chose the organic Gyokuro tea (a Japanese green), while I went with an organic Darjeeling.  The teapots are presented with little timers to tell you when to stop steeping.

The tray of sandwiches, scones and desserts arrived a little while later (afternoon tea is not for those in a hurry!).  On the top layer was some assorted fresh fruit.  On the bottom layer, four kinds of sandwiches: chicken salad on wheat, turkey and pesto on wheat, cucumber and cream cheese on white bread, and roasted vegetables on baguette.

On the middle layer, fresh scones (there was Devonshire cream and jam to accompany), Napoleons, and little bites of chocolate apricot cake with pistachio bits.  The scones were definitely the best part of the tea service: fresh-baked, and the perfect balance of crusty and soft.  The Napoleons, with layers of vanilla custard between puff pastry, were a close second, even though the pastry had softened by the time we got to dessert.

This tea service is $18 per person, and when you take the tea, food, and the very lovely surroundings into account, I think it makes for a wonderful and reasonable afternoon excursion.  Thanks, Mom!