Friday, April 1, 2011

Breakfast at Wilbur

On Friday morning, I met Melissa for a catch-up over breakfast at Wilbur Dining Hall.  At 8:30am both the serving and dining areas were relatively quiet, and we didn't have to wait at any of the stations.  First, omelettes made to order: egg whites for both of us, with ham, vegetables, and cheese for me; plain for Melissa.  I picked up a muffin from the bakery section, while Melissa went for oatmeal.

Next up was coffee, with 2% milk from the easy-to-use dispenser.  This silver behemoth's size might leave you assured that they will never run out of milk, but I have actually seen that happen.

We grabbed one of the small round tables next to the wall of windows.  Both the omelette and muffin were surprisingly good; the freshness definitely helped, and I liked the muffin's slightly crisp exterior and decidedly moist interior.  I used to eat at Wilbur about once a week, when other dining halls were closed on weekends, but haven't been back since a random brunch during senior year.  Although both Melissa and I did feel out of place, the meal was a nostalgic one, full of college reminiscing interspersed with sharing our plans for the next year(s).

Happy April Fool's Day!