Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekday dinner: simplified salmon and beans

I couldn't resist buying another pretty piece of salmon at Whole Foods on Sunday, along with more haricots verts at Trader Joe's.  Since I knew I'd only be cooking dinner once this week, I figured it should be a good one.  Fortunately, with great ingredients, I was halfway there even before the cooking started.

The haricots verts were sauteed with minced garlic and salt in olive oil.  Meanwhile, I poured the juice of one homegrown orange into a hot pan, then added the salmon (which I had seasoned with salt and pepper).  A little while and a few flips later, dinner was ready.  This time, you get pictures!

I'll be in Davis tomorrow and Friday, so that will probably be a hiatus from posting as well.  Have a great weekend!