Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday supper: chicken Adobo 2.0 and mud pie

Last Friday night, which is technically when this Sunday supper had its genesis, dinner consisted of Mark Bittman's chicken Adobo with linguine and a salad of red leaf lettuce, bell pepper, cucumbers, and carrots.

On Sunday night, I sauteed haricots verts in garlic and olive oil and then added some of the remaining (and gloriously syrupy) Adobo sauce.  Meanwhile, I cooked some more linguini, roughly chopped up the one-and-a-half cooked chicken breasts that were also leftover from Friday, and finally mixed the pasta and chicken with some Greek yogurt and plenty of black pepper.  (Credit to Amanda Hesser, since her pasta-with-yogurt recipe was what first taught me that thick yogurt can be a pasta sauce).  And with that, reincarnated/deconstructed chicken Adobo was served.  No pictures this time, but apart from the beans being a little overcooked, I think the meal wasn't half bad.  Fortunately, Andrew is an uncomplaining - and often enthusiastic - consumer of that which I produce.

Before heading to the Nuthouse, we swung by Aman's birthday dinner at Sundance Steakhouse.  We ordered the "Sundance Mud Pie," which is a towering triangle of coffee ice cream above a thin Oreo cookie crust, topped with whipped cream, some chopped peanuts, and hot fudge.  After a bite or two, we realized that the morning's mocha smoothie was arguably mud pie in a glass, minus only the cookie crust and nuts.  Thank goodness for those green beans!