Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saturday supper: Oakland's Coach Sushi

Saturday evening found me in Oakland with Andrew, his brother and sister-in-law.  Mike and Mel live practically next to Grand Lake (very pretty at night!).  For dinner we walked around the lake to the [in]famous Coach Sushi, known for its bottomless sake served in cedar boxes by the friendly owner, Coach.  We showed up around 9:00pm and had no trouble getting a table, and a very amusing dinner ensued.  The sake deal is something like $3 per person and involves reading a laminated policy: you have to spend at least ~$11 on food, you can't be belligerent/unruly/regurgitating, you should be responsible, etc etc.  Coach walks around with his sake bottle and continually refills the boxes to the brim, even if you've only downed a few sips.

If you're Andrew, you fold a crane and float it in your sake.

As for food, Mike and Mel shared two sushi rolls, while Andrew and I both ordered the sushi combo.  Not transcendent, but attractive and also quite tasty (especially at the reasonable price point of $16). 

To finish, a [shared] tennis-ball-sized scoop of green tea ice cream, dipped in tempura batter and fried, served on a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  Oddly satisfying.