Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Saturday supper: satisfying salmon, served simply

This post does not have relevant pictures, and so my mediocre words will - gasp! - have to suffice.  On Saturday evening, Andrew and I made salmon with beurre rouge and haricots verts.  I did the grocery shopping and then handled the beans, while Andrew was in charge of the salmon (a lovely, fresh piece from Whole Foods) using Mark Bittman's recipe from How To Cook Everything.  The wine was a Red Diamond Merlot from Trader Joe's (that said, I don't think the choice of wine makes much of a difference here).  I've been a fan of beurre blanc for a while, but I think I might like beurre rouge even more because the color reminds me of one of my favorite sweaters.  Yes, I'm girly like that.

My only amendment to the Bittman recipe is that whisking (that dear, feistier sister of stirring) helps with the butter incorporation.  Also, watching the wine-plus-shallots mixture cook and reduce isn't much of a spectator sport, though if you're going to do it, you might as well have good company, and maybe cook something else at the same time.

For the haricots verts, all I did was saute them in some olive oil, along with a generous handful of toasted slivered almonds.  We also sliced a loaf of French bread, and that was that.


Oh hey, here's a picture I can share.  I just bought two magnets for my refrigerator (see, that makes this blog-worthy), and this is one of them.  I kind of want to collect the entire series.

By Erin Smith Art