Monday, March 28, 2011

Palo Alto: Thaiphoon

I was a little surprised to realize that I haven't blogged about Thaiphoon before now.  Out of all the Thai restaurants in Palo Alto, this is definitely the one I visit the most; it may or may not be much better than the others, but I am confident in both its kitchen's consistency and, like Darbar, its staff's ability to handle large groups, whether hall dinners - even two different hall dinners at the same time - or lab lunches.  Prices are also reasonable by Palo Alto standards: dinner can float under or around $15 per person, and lunch tends to be less.

Panang curry with beef

At Thaiphoon I've had various curries (green, red, Panang, Musaman), noodle dishes (pad Thai, pad se ew), a few sauteed dishes (mango chicken, meats or fish with Thai basil), and also the shaken beef.  With the exception of mango chicken, which I think J and I shared once and were both very underwhelmed by, everything has been very well-prepared.  My most recent dinner, on Thursday night around 8:40pm, involved Panang curry with beef, pork with Thai basil, brown rice and white rice.  Everything was as good as I expected, service was speedy, and my half of the bill came to $14 (including tip).

Pork with Thai basil