Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Palo Alto: Coupa Cafe and Cafe220

On Saturday morning, Andrew and I drove to University Ave with brunch at University Cafe in mind.  Unfortunately but not surprisingly, they had a 10-15 minute wait (at least), so we went to Coupa Cafe instead.  The only available tables were outside, but fortunately the little front patio is covered and also has a heat lamp.  With the following carbohydrate-based goodness, we fueled up for an afternoon spent in our respective labs. 

Chocolate chip pancakes:

Waffle with bananas:

The same evening, after doing "two plates and one dish" (the former being RT-PCR and the latter being a Dish run), I met up with E, M and J for a "last supper" at - surprise, surprise - Cafe220.  Falafel plates for me and J, chicken gyros salad for E, chicken kebab plate for M, hot tea, and some baklava to finish.  Exhausted faces all around the table, but plenty of warm conversation nonetheless, under the emotional rain cloud of it being J's last night in town before officially moving to New York.