Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mountain View: Tapioca Express

On Tuesday evening around 10pm, after laughing hysterically at various Youtube videos and listening to some undeniably catchy music with deeply questionable musical/intellectual value (this is apparently what happens when we don't have data to pore over), Andrew and I decided to do something semi-productive by going on a mini-adventure to Castro Street.  Between Verde and Tapioca Express we chose the latter.  I was instructed to try the popcorn chicken that is actually called "pepper crispy chicken," served with skewers in a paper bag, freshly fried with some basil leaves.  You can ask for mild, medium, or spicy, and the mild was about right; apparently medium is already pretty intense.  To drink: one coconut milk tea with pearls and one taro milk tea with pearls.

I haven't been to a Tapioca Express for quite a few years, since the franchise in Davis closed because of a rather tragic event, but the one off of Castro is quite pleasant (if a little strange; what's with the weird, vaguely Christmasy arbor between the two rooms?).