Sunday, March 13, 2011

Davis Creamery

During my brief trip to Davis last week, I managed to finally try what is supposedly the best ice cream in town: Davis Creamery, which until this past weekend was located in the South Davis Safeway shopping center but has just closed in preparation for moving to a downtown location.  I'm glad I caught them before the closure/move!

The owner is very generous with samples, and it was great to be able to taste several flavors: avocado coconut, salted caramel, amaretto, and chai.  What makes this ice cream so good is, I think, the fact that it is both springy and creamy, with that great "pull."  I finally settled on one scoop of avocado coconut (mild and rich, and barely sweet) and one scoop of salted caramel (actually less powerful of a flavor than I expected, but still wonderful).  A single scoop is $2.95, and each additional scoop is $1.   I also bought a quart of mint chip to bring home for my parents; on Thursdays, quarts are $5 instead of the usual $6.50.