Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunday bread and brunch, with lemon ricotta pancakes

 On the Sunday morning that P was in town, I got up at a reasonable hour and headed to Town and Country for a few groceries at Trader Joe's, two books from Books Inc., and two loaves of bread from Mayfield Bakery.  One loaf was the levain epi, which looked burnt and turned out to be a dark wheat; E and I weren't fans, but P seemed to enjoy it.  The other bread was a country white, about $6 for a hefty loaf that I cut into thirds (two of which I froze).  This bread has proved to be a perfect breakfast bread once toasted.  It's crusty enough to be satisfying, but also chewy and tender.

I picked up E on my way home, and P joined us soon after for a girls' brunch.  Ever since P and I had those delicious lemon ricotta pancakes at Leopold's in DC, I've wanted to make them myself.  This brunch was a suitable occasion, and so I decided to follow Cupcake and Cashmere's lovely example and use Bobby Flay's recipe.  The recipe was easy, and the result - eaten while hot - was delicious.  Brunch also included a fantastic Tea Spot black tea called "Reveil Energetique" (pu erh with chocolate!), courtesy of E, and fresh fruit.