Monday, February 7, 2011

Redwood City: Paradise Kabab House

 To commemorate dear Paras' visit to the Bay Area two weekends ago, we had a group dinner (kindly arranged by Kareem) at Paradise Kabab House in Redwood City.  Our table of six started with shared appetizers of kashke bademjan (grilled, smoked, and pureed eggplant with spices), flatbread, and sabzi khordan (fresh herbs, radishes, walnuts, and feta cheese).

For entrees, Justin and I shared the fesenjun, a traditional Persian stew of ground walnuts, pomegranate, and chicken.  It's served with rice, and it's a fantastic - and labor-intensive - dish: tangy but sweet, velvety, and difficult to stop eating.

We also shared a chicken breast kabab, which was well-seasoned and thankfully not dry.

Kareem ordered the koobideh, which is the traditional ground beef kabab.

As far as Persian food goes, Shalizaar in Belmont is certainly more refined and thus better for special occasions.  In contrast, Paradise is reminiscent of my beloved Cafe220, and so is a place that would be comfortable to return to for casual meals with friends.